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Officer Record Management

Each officer is responsible for ensuring his/her record is up to date. Keep in mind that the Promotion Board sees your Officer Summary Record (OSR) and Performance Summary Record (PSR) when voting on your record “in the tank”. The Board Member assigned to brief your record also reviews your FITREPS, Awards, and other supporting documentation to prepare notes that assist them in briefing your record to the other members. While you should verify the accuracy of your entire record, you should focus your efforts on ensuring that your OSR, PSR, FITREPS, and Awards are accurate and up-to-date. Use the link below and find the Officer Record Management Brief to guide you on where to go to request updates to the various areas of your record. Keep in mind that the update process can be slow. So, start early in your career and a good rule of thumb is to verify the accuracy of your record at least once per year.

BUPERS Officer Record Update instructions

Officer Record Management Brief (link should be most recent. Or use this local copy if unavailable)

An extended slide deck on Record Maintenance and Promotion Board Prep (credit to LCDR William Hill, MSC, USN)

Another excellent resource is CDR Joel Schofer’s "Promo Prep" from the "Navy Medical Corps Career Blog" he manages.


How to find orders in NSIPS:

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NSIPS Web Site:


Special Pays Information

Special Pays info can be found at the Bureau of Medicine and Surgery's Special Pays Website:

Letter templates for submission of the Special Pays requests are also linked to from that site and can be found here:


PANRE Reimbursement Instructions

BUMED Instruction 1500.20A Policies And Procedures For Funding Professional Credentials And Certification Examinations

Sample Letter for application for reimbursement

CO endorsement template for application for reimbursement