NAPA CME Symposium - October 18-19 2018 - 7 Approved AAPA CME!

Naval Medical Center San Diego. RSVP to  with: Rank, Name, Location, Command

National Physician Assistant Week - October 6-12

PA Week 728 x 90 Celebrate

Celebrate National PA Week on 6-12 October 2018.
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Just What the PA Ordered 2

  • NCCPA Certification Exam

    • Check out the BUMED INS 1500.18C regarding funding support for your NCCPA PANCE and PANRE examinations! BUMED INST 1500 18C.pdf
  • FY15 Staff Corps Community Brief

  • MSC Promotion Planning Presentation

  • Detailing Brief

    • This provides you with an understanding of the detailing process. Click here
  • Navy MSC Selection Board

  • Navy PA Roadmap to Success

    • A Naval Officer's journey as a PA can be complex, exciting and daunting all at once. The following matrix provides a general overview pairing years of service with activities such as promotion, education, Naval compentency and preferred duty stations. Navy PA Roadmap
  • Medical Service Corps (MSC) Seabag

    • As a Navy PA, you are commissioned as a MSC Officer. Learn more about the MSC and your role as a Naval Officer by checking out the MSC Seabag. MSC Seabag
  • Navy Fitness Reports (FITREPS)

    • The Navy Fitness Report is a rating form used to document the workload, performance level, leadership, initiative as well as other factors for Navy PAs. This document is part of every Navy PA's Officer Service Record -- an accurate and substantive FITREP is a VERY important factor in promoting Navy PAs.
    • To learn more, visit
  • Additional Qualification Designators (AQDs) for Navy PAs

    • Another important consideration in promotions, AQDs reflect completion of requirements qualifying Navy Officers in a specific warfare area or other specialization. To view a list of the more common AQDs for Navy PAs, select AQD Assignments.
  • Officer Record Management

    • It is the responsibility of each Navy PA to review and correct their own Officer Service Record to ensure it is accurate and complete. Accurate and up-to-date records help get you promoted. This info sheet explains how Navy PAs can manage their personnel records. Record Management Presentation Updated Sept 2012
  • Navy Medicine Professional Development Center Courses

  • Need CME?