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NAPA Update

NAPA Update

Authors: FleetAdmiralRon

BUMED NOTICE 1520 is out...dated 04 April 2012...provides info on applying for DUINS. The Navy PA community has five opportunities for some great training 

(3 ortho, 2 emergency med). Start working on your packages!

NAPA Navigator newsletter. Get your articles, stories, photos, announcements in ASAP. Send to our editor - JJ. Thanks!

AAPA Renewal. Don't forget to inform AAPA that you want NAPA listed as YOUR constituent organization. We need this done by each and every Navy ensure we keep our seats in the AAPA House of Delegates.

ACTION PHOTOS. Send your action shots to KA. As you recall, she put together the PA Motivator a year or so ago. She wants to do another one with current pictures. Contribute to the cause!

Oh...don't forget to pay your NAPA dues. Only $30 per year!

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