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Update on MSC VTC For 15 FEB

Update on MSC VTC For 15 FEB
Authors: FleetAdmiralRon
Due to the memorial service for VADM James A. Zimble, MC, USN (Ret.), 30th Surgeon General of the Navy, being held at Arlington Cemetery on 16 February, all three of our MSC Director's Quarterly VTC's will be held on Wednesday, 15 February with start times of 0700, 1000, and 1800 EST.
If no additional action is taken, all sites that registered for the 0700 or 1000 start time on 16 February will be moved to the same start time on 15 February. Registration was supposed to close today (1 February). I have attached a spreadsheet with the registrations received (with duplicates removed). There seems to be less registrations than normal, so I ask DFA's and OIC's to review the spreadsheet to ensure your site has registered, and I ask Specialty Leaders to please forward this e-mail to your community one last time. All registrations, VTC or audio, must be made by COB this Friday, 3 February using the link, On 6 February a report will be generated and forwarded to U.S. Army Medical Information Technology Center (USAMITC), after which no new registrations will be processed. In addition to updates from RDML Valentin, the Office of the Corps Chief, detailers, Navy Recruiting Command, and MSC Community Manager, there will be a presentation on promotion zones and a special report on FY13 MSC duty under instruction opportunities. Additionally, our quarterly VTC's are a great opportunity to interact with MSC's from your local area and around the globe. Please make every effort to promote and participate in these VTC's. Please do not hesitate to contact me regarding registration or the VTC's. 
Very respectfully,
LCDR Eric A. Polonsky, MSC, USN, FACHE
Action Officer, Office of the Corps Chiefs
2300 E Street NW, BLDG 2, RM 2222
Washington, DC 20372-5300
Comm: (202) 762-3820
DSN: 762-3820
Blackberry:  (202) 230-7194
Fax: (202) 762-3531


Ron Perry

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