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Regional NAPA East and NAPA West Board of Directors Nominations 2021-2023

Regional NAPA East and NAPA West Board of Directors Nominations 2021-2023

To the NAPA Community,


We are opening nominations for Regional NAPA East and NAPA West Board of Directors positions: President, Vice President and Secretary.  If you are motivated and would like to have a direct impact on our community, please nominate a colleague or yourself.


Regional NAPA Board of Director Officers will serve for 2 years, starting 01NOV2021.


For those who are interested in running for Regional NAPA East or West President, Vice President or Secretary, please review the position description and qualifications below:


Regional President

The Regional President shall preside over all business meetings of the regional affiliate organization. The Regional President shall function as the head of the NAPA regional affiliate, conduct all general business on behalf of the affiliate, and request funds from the President of the NAPA Chapter as required for routine operation of the NAPA regional affiliate. The Regional President shall promptly notify each member of the affiliate Board of Directors of all business matters. The Regional President shall submit a full report of the year’s activities at each annual meeting of the NAPA general Board of Directors and the general membership. The Regional President shall appoint all standing and ad hoc committees as required, and shall appoint Fellow members to fill vacant positions subject to the approval of the remaining Board of Directors.


Regional Vice President

The Regional Vice-President shall assume the duties of the President in his/her absence and all duties as directed by the President. The Regional Vice President will also serve as the Regional Membership Representative to the NAPA Chapter Membership Committee.


Regional Secretary

The Regional Secretary shall keep minutes of all meetings of the NAPA Regional Affiliate, be responsible for maintaining the Affiliate organization’s permanent files in an orderly manner, and shall conduct any correspondence as directed by the Regional Board of Directors. The Secretary will chair the election committee for the regional affiliate during the prep.


Please send nominations for yourself or if you would like to nominate another member, please communicate with them and then send in their nomination.

Please send an e-mail soliciting your nomination and CV to LT Dorsey:


Candidacy shall be announced by the Secretary and Chairman, NAPA Election Committee, LT Lesley Dorsey, no later than 15 June 2021.


Once all candidates are identified, the NAPA website will be used for voting.


Very respectfully,
LT Dorsey

LT Lesley Dorsey, MSC, USN
Naval Association of PAs (NAPA) BOD, Secretary


Lesley Dorsey

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