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Presidential State of NAPA Address at 2017 AAPA Conference

Presidential State of NAPA Address at 2017 AAPA Conference

Presidential State of NAPA Address
From the 2017 NAPA Breakout Meeting at the AAPA Conference
Presented by LCDR Clifton Butler
NAPA President 2016-2017


This is the text of a presentation given at the NAPA Breakout Meeting at the 2017 AAPA Impact Conference in Las Vegas, NV. NAPA members may log in and view the presentation slides here.


NAPA Objectives

The Primary objectives of NAPA are to

  • Promote the training an efficient utilization of Physician Assistants in the United States Navy;
  • To encourage the highest quality of medical care through the process of continuing education of the membership and general public
  • To represent the Physician Assistants of the United States Navy within the American Academy of Physician Assistants.


NAPA Purpose

The purposes of NAPA are:

  1. To render honest and loyal service to the medical profession and to the public,
  2. To develop and enforce continuing education programs for Physician Assistants and the association’s membership,
  3. To promote the Physician Assistant profession through education of professional and lay people and to promote similar interests in student societies.


2016-2017 NAPA Goals and Activities

  • Return to the Basics, for Constituent Organization Improvements
  • Align NAPA with AAPA Strategic Plan
  • Promote NAPA and Incentivize membership
  • Increase NAPA Membership
  • Facilitate obtaining PI and SA CME
  • Increase Board of Directors Responsiveness and Participation
  • Participation with AAPA Advocacy Group Meetings
  • Hold PA Socials and Fellowships in Various locations
  • Amend and Adopt a New Constitution and Bylaws
  • Develop a Virtual CME Presence
  • Rebrand and Increase Website Utilization
  • Establish an Organizational E-mail Account for Continuity between BOD
  • Utilize features of website to communicate with community more effectively
  • Celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the PA Profession
  • Elect Next NAPA President-Elect
  • Select Recipients of NAPA Awards
  • Hold Annual NAPA Meeting at AAPA Conference


AAPA 2016-2020 strategic plan

AAPA StratPlan


Membership status

  • Total NAPA members, past and present: 525
  • Active NAPA members: 140
  • Inactive or previous NAPA members (lapsed in dues): 525 - 140 = 385

Sustaining Members

  • 140 Active NAPA members
    • 87 of these are “Lifetime” members and so pay no recurring dues
    • 140-87 = 53 paying members
  • Members who paid dues thus far in:
    • 2017 - 20
    • 2016 - 26
    • 2015 - 40
    • 2014 - 56


Membership Transactions

membership transactions 2017


Members’ Participation

  • Email from NAPA can be an indicator of remote participation:
    • Some of the lapsed members are still attentive to NAPA communications:
      • When email is sent to all NAPA members, past and present, 40% open the email
    • Some of the active members are inattentive to NAPA communications:
      • When email is sent to just the active NAPA members, only 50% open the email


Treasurer’s report

  • Beginning Balance (2016-17): $4018.90
    • INCOME
      • Dues: $1000.00
      • Bank Dividends: $2.24
      • AAPA Conf (A/V) : $180.00
      • MGM Catering: $1473.70
      • Website: $219.99
  • Current Balance (10 Apr 17): $3147.45                


NAPA Brand & Rebranding




CME and Symposia

NAPA CME Hosting

  • Normally provided during our respective regional symposia
  • Currently in the process of NAPA Providing Virtual Host CME
    • Researching offering CMEs through our NAPA Website
      • Post-tests and Surveys completed through the website
      • Credits to be applied by members to NCCPA accounts
  • Recommend CME Hosting by the established Regional NAPA Affiliates and making available through the NAPA Website. Usual NAPA membership fees will apply for access.

NAPA Symposia

  • Traditionally Symposia are held in alternating regions (West - Even) (East - Odd)
  • Planning for October 6-7 or 6-8 Symposium in DC/MD/VA - 50th Anniversary


Constitution and bylaws


  • 2016/17 Board of Directors met and voted on the Amended Constitution and Bylaws
  • Amended Documents were approved and adopted by the BOD on 29 Mar 2017


  • Establishes Regional Affiliates of NAPA
    • NAPA East (covers locations associated with NAVMEDEAST)
    • NAPA West (covers locations associated with NAVMEDWEST)


  • Establishes Regional Leadership Positions of President, Vice-President, and Secretary (2 year terms)
  • Provides room for Regional leadership expansion through Regional ad-hoc committees



IPAP Phase I & II Info

Student Director: OC Josh Johansen

  • Current Convened Classes
    • CLASS 16-3
      • Phase I Underway
      • Graduation Date Scheduled for December 2017
    • CLASS 15-3
      • Phase II Underway
      • Graduation Date Scheduled for January 2018



The way forward


  • Incentivize Membership (CME, Leadership Opportunities, Empowerment, and Education)
  • Increase membership of the organization to maintain viability

 membership cycle



  • Close relationship with AAPA
  • Close relationship with AD Specialty Leader
  • Close relationship with Reserve Specialty Leader




  • NAPA and all Navy affiliated PAs should understand the changes occurring in our profession
  • NAPA will continue to work with AAPA, as well as Active, Reserve, and Retired, and Civilian Navy affiliated PAs
  • NAPA will continue to promote a Team Based/Collaborative practice within all Medical Models


In order to Move Forward, we have to be willing to:

  1. Promote our Profession
  2. Envision all possibilities
  3. Lean forward to become the tip of the spear for forward progression of our community


Thanks goes out to the NAPA Board of Directors

  • President-Elect: LCDR Stephen Rogers
  • Vice-President/Awards Chair/Webmaster: LT Ari Doucette
  • Immediate Past President:  LCDR Kishla Askins
  • Secretary: LT Carolan Whitney
  • Treasurer: LT Leah Moss
  • AD Director-at-Large:  LCDR Robert “Bobby” Pillitiere
  • Reserve Director: CDR Brian Foor
  • Retired Director: Mickey Deavers
  • NAPA/AAPA HOD Delegate/Legislative Affairs: LT Thomas Hurtado
  • NAPA/AAPA HOD Delegate/CME Chair: LT Benjamin Mattox
  • Student Director: OC Josh Johansen


passing batton




Clifton Butler

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