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NAPA President Message to IPAP Class 3-10

NAPA President Message to IPAP Class 3-10

Authors: FleetAdmiralRon

Dear Sailors of Class 3-10,

On behalf of the Naval Association of Physician Assistants, I'd like to congratulate you on your monumental accomplishment.  Bravo Zulu on a job well done!  

You are half-way there on joining your fellow brothers and sisters as Navy Physician Assistants in the Medical Service Corps.  Take time to applaud yourselves, and kick up your heels for your short break between Phase I and Phase II.  As you move from the hot Texas weather to sunny San Diego, enjoy the cooler Pacific weather and beaches.  Remember to continue taking care of yourselves and your families.  During Phase II, please take every opportunity to step-up, see patients, and apply everything you've learned in Phase I.  We know you will.  We are proud of you and your tremendous milestone.


Keep Charging,


NAPA, President


Ron Perry

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