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NAPA Meeting at AAPA 2017

NAPA Meeting at AAPA 2017

The Naval Association of PAs will hold its annual breakout meeting at the 2017 AAPA conference on 16 May 2017 in the Breakers L room from 07:30 to 12:00 Local.

The schedule and agenda follow.


​0730 - 0800 ​NAPA Sign in and PA Meet and Greet ​ALL HANDS
​0800 - 0805 ​Welcome and Introduction of the NAPA Board of Directors ​LT Ari Doucette, Vice President
​0805 - 0815 AAPA Constituent Organization Outreach and Advocacy ​Penny Gaillard, AAPA
0815 - 0830 ​Introduction of Meeting Participants ​LT Ari Doucette, Vice President
​0830 - 0840 ​Legislative Affairs Update ​LT Thomas Hurtado, House of Delegates
​0840 - 0850 ​Presidential State of NAPA Address ​LCDR Clifton Butler, President
​0850 - 0905 ​Announcement of Election Results and Awards Ceremony ​LT Ari Doucette, Vice President
​0905 - 0910 ​Remarks from Incoming NAPA President ​LCDR Stephen Rogers, President-Elect
​0910 - 0920 ​BREAK ​ALL HANDS
​0920 - 0950 ​Active Duty PA Specialty Leader Update ​CDR Ed Owens, AD Specialty Leader
​0950 - 1010 ​Reserve PA Update ​LCDR Clifton Butler, President
​1010 - 1020 ​BREAK ​ALL HANDS
1020 - 1130 ​Career Development and Mentorship Panel Discussion ​Senior PA Leadership
​​1130 - 1200 ​​Group Photo and NAPA Meeting Adjournment ​ALL HANDS

The uniform for the Conference will be Khakis daily for the entire conference. If Navy Medicine will be funding your orders to the AAPA 2017 Conference, the expectation is that all funded personnel will be in the prescribed uniform. Those not adhering to the uniform requirements may be sent home from the conference, so please adhere to the requirements as set forth by our leadership.

Please note that Navy uniforms are not Authorized in the House of Delegates and those persons serving in the capacity of NAPA Delegate will be in civilian attire.

Khakis are not required after daytime conference hours and ARE NOT required or recommended for the social with the Admiral.

Admiral Swap will be in attendance and has requested that a social be held on Monday night, 15 May 2017, details TBD.


The Uniformed Services and Veterans Constituent Organization (CO) Leadership meeting during AAPA 2017 in Las Vegas will be held on Monday, May 15 from 6 - 7 p.m. Pacific Time in the Voyager Boardroom of Mandalay Bay South Convention Center, Level 3. The primary goal of the meeting are to introduce CO leaders and increase CO effectiveness through organizational collaboration, sharing of ideas and resources. At the completion of the Uniformed Services and Veterans Constituent Organization Leadership Meeting, those of us in attendance will proceed to the Social with the Admiral.

On Tuesday, 16 May 2017, all Navy personnel are to attend the NAPA meeting for accountability purposes. Please sign the roster at the NAPA meeting to verify your attendance. The NAPA meeting will be held in (Room: BREAKERS L) from 0730 - 1200 in above uniform of the day.

"Going Beyond"


Beyond a Conference, Beyond a Practice, Beyond 50 Years


Ari Doucette

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