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On 24 May 2021, the AAPA House of Delegates (HOD) passed many resolutions.  These most impactful of these resolutions was the Title Change.

In summary, with a vote of 198 to 68, Physician Associate was selected as the official title of the PA profession.  It is now AAPA policy, as they try to navigate implementation.  This will be an arduous process.  A five-year plan is being formulated. 

At this time, REFRAIN from using this new title.  Extensive, diligent work is required, in order to protect the interests and legalities associated.  The implementation must be strategic in nature.  Prematurely using Physician Associate may be confusing to patients and could subject us to regulatory challenges.

It is in NAPA’s best interest to adopt the new title, as it is the responsibility of the Constituent Organizations of AAPA to formally adopt the new title.  AAPA can’t force Constituent Organizations to adopt this title.

Additional resolutions passed included addressing diversity, equal opportunity, PA competences, and many others.  If anyone has any questions or concerns related to any of the resolutions passed, please reach out to your HOD representatives (LT Damico Hill, LT Bruce Burke, and LT Dale Wilson).


Carolan Whitney

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