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NAPA Constitution and By-Laws Update

NAPA Constitution and By-Laws Update

The NAPA Board of Directors recently met and voted to amend NAPA's Constitution and Bylaws, which were subsequently approved and adopted by the Board of Directors.

The most substantial change is to establish Regional Affiliates of NAPA:

  • NAPA East (covers locations associated with NAVMEDEAST)
  • NAPA West (covers locations associated with NAVMEDWEST)

The new By-Laws also establish the Leadership Positions for the Regional Affiliates of President, Vice-President, and Secretary (2 year terms).

Additional details and an organizational chart of NAPA leadership may be found here.

NAPA’s current leadership may be found hereNAPA’s current leadership may be found here.

Additionally, this realignment provides room for Regional leadership expansion through Regional ad-hoc committees.

You may find a copy of NAPA's Constitution and By-Laws here.


NAPA has updated its organization to regionally align with Navy Medicine East and Navy Medicine West.

NAPA's regional affiliates, NAPA East and NAPA West, will correspond geographically to those commands. As such, NAPA members serving in Navy Medicine East commands will be affiliated with NAPA East and similarly those NAPA members serving in Navy Medicine West commands will be affiliated with NAPA West.


Navy Medicine East:

  • Navy Medicine East, Portsmouth, Virginia
  • Naval Medical Center Portsmouth, Portsmouth, Virginia
  • Naval Hospital Beaufort, Beaufort, South Carolina
  • Naval Hospital Camp Lejeune, Camp Lejeune, North Carolina
  • Naval Hospital Guantanamo Bay, Guantanamo, Cuba
  • Naval Hospital Jacksonville, Jacksonville, Florida
  • Naval Hospital Naples, Naples, Italy
  • Naval Hospital Pensacola, Pensacola, Florida
  • Naval Hospital Rota, Rota, Cádiz, Spain
  • Naval Hospital Sigonella, Sigonella, Italy
  • Captain James A. Lovell Federal Health Care Center, Great Lakes, Illinois
  • Naval Health Clinic Annapolis, Annapolis, Maryland
  • Naval Health Clinic Charleston, North Charleston, South Carolina
  • Naval Health Clinic Cherry Point, Cherry Point, North Carolina
  • Naval Health Clinic Corpus Christi, Corpus Christi, Texas
  • Naval Health Clinic New England, Newport, Rhode Island
  • Naval Health Clinic Patuxent River, Patuxent River, Maryland
  • Naval Health Clinic Quantico, Quantico, Virginia
  • 2nd Dental Battalion, Camp Lejeune, North Carolina


Navy Medicine West:

  • Navy Medicine West, San Diego, California
  • Naval Medical Center San Diego, San Diego, California
  • Naval Hospital Bremerton, Bremerton, Washington
  • Naval Hospital Camp Pendleton, Camp Pendleton, California
  • Naval Hospital Lemoore, Lemoore, California
  • Naval Hospital Oak Harbor, Oak Harbor, Washington
  • Naval Hospital Twentynine Palms, Twentynine Palms, California
  • Naval Hospital Guam, Agana Heights, Guam
  • Naval Hospital Okinawa, Okinawa, Japan
  • Naval Hospital Yokosuka Japan, Yokosuka, Japan
  • Naval Health Clinic Hawaii, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii
  • 1st Dental Battalion, Camp Pendleton, California
  • 3rd Dental Battalion, Okinawa, Japan



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