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KSA list for Navy PAs

An official Knowledge Skills and Abilities (KSA's) list has been published for Navy PAs


Thanks to our PA Specialty Leaders present and past, our PA Assistant Specialty Leaders for their work on this framework and content.


The official list of KSAs for Navy PAs can be found here:


KSAs are Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities that Naval personnel are supposed to possess in order to do their jobs well.


In order to ensure Naval medical personnel meet and exceed their operationally-focused KSAs, Navy Medicine has developed standardized enterprise-wide Naval Medical Readiness Criteria (NMRC) in support of readiness performance metrics. The KSAs are divided into categories, as above.

The Navy Surgeon General signed a memo in July 2020 which established the NMRCs. It is well worth the read, and can be downloaded here:


The memo references two enclosures listing Critical Wartime Specialties. One has to do with Combat Casualty Care Teams, and the other with Non-Combat Casualty Care Teams. They are also worth a read, and can be downloaded below:


Each of the Medical Specialties represented has each of the three Categories (as above) and Skill Sets within each. Those Skill Sets can be Knowledge or Performance items. Performance items are those which require a practical application test. Some have requisite training courses, and some have a frequency at which the training should be renewed. They also list the Authoritative Data System that the training is tracked in. It is intended that those data systems will then feed a "dashboard" that can be used to monitor the training at various levels such as corps, command, or individual.


NAPA members (current and former) can also list their KSAs obtained/maintained in their profiles, but this is not an authoritative data system.


Full listings of the Naval Medical Readiness Criteria can be found on the Naval Medical Force Development Center's page on (you may need to click this link, log in to, then click this link again)


The official list of KSAs for Navy PAs can be found here:


The KSAs are re-presented below in a more readable and screen-friendly format. Click each of the categories below for its official description, and then click on nested sub items to expand them.


Category 1: Core Practice/Clinical Currency

Core Practice/Clinical Currency

Fundamental training and skills, usually obtained through medical education and maintained through Medical Treatment Facility (MTF) experience and/or partnerships. This category of requirements links to the attainment of core practice, clinical currency, and KSA Threshold for medical personnel.

List items:


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