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How to update member profile

Please take a moment to update your NAPA member profile.

This is a very quick and easy process. Updating your profile allows other NAPA members to search for you. They can search using criteria like where you have served, whether you are fellowship-trained, and whether you are open to being a PA Mentor. You can search by those same criteria (and others).

Note these items and your membership status with NAPA are not publicly visible -- they are only visible to other NAPA members.

Since we've had a number of members ask how they can update their user profile, we present a basic go-by below.


Start by logging in to your account

Then hover your cursor over the "Members" menu item, and click the "Edit Profile" link.

click the edit profile link



First, click on the "Contact Info" tab and update your contact information

click the contact info tab

Note: leave the two password fields blank unless you want to change/update your password. If you do wish to update your password, then you would enter your current password in the "current password" field and the new password you wish to change/update to in the "password" field. Again, otherwise just leave these blank.



Next, click on the "Additional Information" tab

Here you can update things like your status as active vs reserve etc, your rank, whether you have trained in one of the Navy's fellowships for PAs, and other items.

click the additional info tab

Please also select whether (or not) you are willing to help mentor other PAs who are more junior in rank and service than yourself.



Then, click on the "Bio and Duty Stations" tab

Here you can select your duties as a PA in the Navy thus far, and you can upload your Navy officer biography.

click the bio and duty stations tab

Though not required to upload a bio, it can certainly be helpful for others to read it.



Then click the "Portrait" tab

Here you can upload a picture that you would like for others to see associated with your NAPA membership account.

click the portait tab

Again, this is not required, but it can help people to put a face with the name.


Finally, click the "Update" button to save your changes

Note these items and your membership status with NAPA are not publicly visible -- they are only visible to other NAPA members.

Once these items have been saved, they will appear in your member profile where you and other members can read them.

Members can also search for other members based on these criteria.


Thank you for taking the time to update your member profile -- this helps the community of Navy PAs.


Ari Doucette

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