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How to search for other NAPA members

NAPA is a community by, of, and for Navy PAs

We hope that our members can utilize the resources provided by their Navy PA colleagues to support the war-fighters and their families, to build the PA community, and to improve their own Navy and PA careers.

To that end, we have provided a search function for our members to help them find other Navy PAs they may want to reach out to.


Our member search is only open to active and former NAPA members (our member data are not shared with any other entities and not viewable by the public). It allows members to search by criteria such as prior duty stations, training, or academic degrees.

In order to make this work, we encourage all NAPA members to keep their own profiles up to date!

Click here for instructions on how to update your profile.

Click here to update your profile.


Here is how to search for other NAPA members. It's very simple.


To search for other NAPA members:

Start by logging in to your account, and then hover your cursor over the "Members" menu item.

Then select the "Member Directory"

click the members menu item and then directory

This should bring you to the directory of NAPA members.

Again, this is not publicly viewable and is only available to logged in NAPA members.



To search NAPA members by criteria, click the "Search Users" button.

click on search users

This should expand the available search criteria.



Use this tool to search for NAPA members by any of the available criteria:

member search criteria

Note that you can search by name, location, prior duty stations or duties, degrees earned, Navy PA fellowships attended, etc.

You can also search for those NAPA members who have indicated they are willing to help mentor other (more junior) PAs.


We hope this tool will help connect our Navy PAs with those others who can help build their careers and our community.

This tool only works if our members have updated their own profiles (including yours!), so please log in and update your member profile today.

Click here for instructions on how to update your profile.

Click here to update your profile.


These data are not shared with any others outside of NAPA.


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