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How to earn CME from the NAPA Symposium

NAPA members can earn CMEs from the NAPA Symposium. Here's how to do it.


First, log in to your account at

cme 1


Second, click the members menu item again and select “CME Courses”

cme 2


Click on any of the available CME courses (they’re labeled as “quizzes” because they have a CME quiz

cme 3


Clicking the “Start Quiz” button will begin the CME activity.

cme 4


Each activity will consist of four parts:

  1. Learning Objectives
  2. Learning Activity (you can download or watch the lecture here)
  3. Post-Test (need >70% to pass, per AAPA standards)
  4. Evaluation (information that AAPA requires -- fill this in!)

Simply use the “Continue” button to advance to each page to complete it.

After you’ve passed the Post-Test (>70%) and filled in the Evaluation, you can press the “Download Your Certificate” button. If you did not pass, you can press the “Try Again” button.


cme 5


The system will retain your CME certificates in your account should you need to download them later. Simply click the Members menu item, then hover your cursor over “CME Courses” and select the “My CME Responses” option.


Ari Doucette

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