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Free Trauma Management Text

Free Trauma Management Text

The Anaesthesia, Trauma and Critical Care Group has released its 2014 trauma care manual online, for free.

Anesthesia Trauma and Critical Care (ATACC) Manual Cover


The Anaesthesia, Trauma and Critical Care (ATACC) Group puts together trauma courses in the UK, similar to ATLS but with a different focus.
The ATACC manual also brings updated information like clamps, hemostatic agents, and - a great addition - the M-A-R-C-H algorithm:

  • M- Massive Hemorrhage
  • A- Airway
  • R- Respiratory
  • C- Circulation
  • H- Hypothermia/ Head/ Other (H?)

MARCH has seen wide acceptance recently, and is currently taught to special operations corpsmen and medics and others. (See "MARCH as far as you can, then bring in the HITMAN" on page 3 of this article in the Journal of Special Operations Medicine)


The ATACC manual is rich in text, illustrations, and photographs, covering a range applicable topics, per this table of contents:

  1. Section 1: Introduction to ATACC
    1. Welcome to the Virtual ATACC Manual
    2. Royal College of Surgeons
  2. Section 2: Trauma Care Delivery
    1. Roadside to Critical Care
    2. Team Approach
  3. Section 3: Prehospital Care
    1. The Speciality
    2. Mechanism of Injury
    3. Safe Approach
    4. Mass Casualty Management
    5. Road Traffic Collision Extrication
    6. Trauma Retrieval
  4. Section 4: Initial Management
    1. Massive Haemorrhage Control
    2. Airway
    3. Respiration
    4. Circulation - Shock and Traumatic Bleeding
    5. Head Injury
    6. Traumatic Cardiac Arrest
  5. Section 5: Ongoing Trauma Care
    1. Initial Approach to Damage Control Resuscitation
    2. Trauma Team Receiving Care
    3. Analgesia
    4. Trauma Induced Coagulopathy
    5. In-hospital Damage Control Resuscitation
  6. Section 6: Specialist Care
    1. Thoracic Trauma
    2. Neurosurgical Intensive Care
    3. Spinal Trauma
    4. Musculoskeletal Trauma
    5. Trauma in Pregnancy
  7. Section 7: Environmental Trauma
    1. Tactical Medicine
    2. Decompression Illness
    3. Immersion and Submersion
    4. Thermal Injuries


It is quite impressive that the ATACC Group has chosen to release this to #FOAMed online for free (for an introduction to Free Open Access Meducation, see

The ATACC authors state: "Whilst there are many outstanding blogs, Twitter feeds and podcasts that we all follow on a regular basis, as far as we are aware, this is the first Virtual Textbook in the FOAM community and we are hugely excited about its potential. As it stands we know that it is still not perfect and as such this will be an on-going project. We aim to keep the text as current as possible with regular re-writes and updates in response to new research, best practice and feedback from the FOAM community."


(ATACC is a commercial entity and does offer training courses for a fee. This blog post in no way endorses ATACC or their courses, but rather offers a link to their text as a potentially useful resource, and offers a salute to ATACC for providing it to the medical community free of charge.)


Two versions have been released, a high-resolution version and a smaller file-size version (useful for mobile device).
You can download both from their website here:

You can also download it from iTunes here.



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