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EMPA DSc Fellowship DUINS

From LCDR Kyle Hasenstein:
*DUINS DSc EMPA Fellowship*
Interested in gaining additional skills in Emergency Medicine, Trauma and Critical Care? Apply for the Emergency Medicine Fellowship today.
Packages are due to myself and LT Rachel Robeck NLT 27May22, so that we can review /interview and submit to the Specialty Leader by 15Jun22. No late packages will be accepted.
Couple notes:
- Letter of acceptance is not necessary and will be handled on our end.
- Unofficial GRE scores will suffice for your package submission (this is given immediately upon completing the exam). >/= 300 is required and is not waiverable
- We will be conducting interviews for applicants (virtual).
Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions. Full details about program requirements and packet submission can be found in BUMEDNOTE 1520.
LCDR Kyle Hasenstein
LT Rachel Robeck
Also, see our NAPA EMPA fellowship page for additional information, including a brief (youtube video) on the Baylor EMPA Fellowship by LT Robeck.


Carolan Whitney

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