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CME - Read This!

CME - Read This!

Authors: FleetAdmiralRon

As Director of the world's largest (and in my opinion absolute finest) PA Program, I am looking into the possibility of putting together some sort of CME offering for Military PAs. 

With budget constraints as they are, we are all having great difficulty in securing funding to travel to CME conferences. With that in mind, I was thinking about one of two options:

  1. Coordinate an annual CME event in San Antonio (mid-point between fleet concentration areas, and home to many Army and AF PAs). Would be no more than 2 days.
  2. Coordinate an annual CME which is recorded and broadcast via something such as VTT/VTC.

I am not envisioning either option as being a money-maker for the IPAP or NAPA. Rather, looking at it as the right thing to do for our PA community.

I am not looking at the option of doing this on East Coast or West Coast because we have our PA and MD faculty members here at Fort Sam Houston, Texas.

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Ron Perry

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