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CME about Concussion Management from UPMC

CME about Concussion Management from UPMC

Active Intervention in Concussion

Active Intervention in Concussion: Results from TEAM (Targeted Evaluation and Active Management)

Dr. Erin Reynolds provides a general overview of the state of affairs and where things are moving in concussion management.

Educational objectives:

Upon completion of this activity, participants should be able to:

Describe the current status of concussion care and new clinical profiles

Describe targeted, active approaches to treating concussion

Review emerging evidence in concussion research

Reading Resources:

Elbin RJ, Sufrinko A, Schatz P, French J, McAlister C, Henry L, Collins MW, Kontos AP. Peds, 2016

Henry L, Elbin RJ, Collins MW, Marchetti G, Kontos AP. Neurosurg, 2015

Lau B, Kontos AP, Lovell MR, Mucha A, Collins MW, AJSM, 2011.

Please visit the UPMC page to veiw the content here:

Two CME credits are available for completing this content and submitting the post-test until 03 April 2020

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