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2023 NAPA Election Results

Good Evening Colleagues,


On behalf of the NAPA Board of Directors, I would like to say thank you to everyone who volunteered to help guide our Association over the next couple years. Below is your new NAPA Board of Directors:


NAPA Board of Directors:

President: Carolan Whitney

President-Elect: Nicholas Evans

Immediate Past President: Brooke Dorsey

Vice President: Shelly Satizabal

Secretary: Nicholas Evans

Treasurer: Brooke Dorsey


Regional Board of Directors (Starting 1 Nov 2023):


     - President: Wilt Chemell

     - Vice President: Sarah Begley

     - Secretary: Lindsay Jensen



     - President: Ryan Boudreau

     - Vice President: Mercedes Lawson

     - Secretary: Eric Hurley


Elected Directors:

Reserve Director: Amanda Lanham

Retired Director: Kerri Browne

Student Directors (Starting 1 November 2023):

     - Direct Accession: Nicole Brashears

     - Inter-service Physician Assistant Program: Andrew Holeman


Elected Officials:

AAPA / HOD / Legislative Affairs: Amy Olson

HOD Representatives: Lindsay Jensen and Mike Sourivanh

Awards Chair: Shelly Satizabel

CME Chair: Emily Thomas

Webmaster: Ari Doucette


Once again, I'd like to say thank you to everyone who applied for positions this year, and congratulations to those elected. I look forward to seeing what the next year has in store. 


Nicholas B. Evans, PA-C
NAPA, Secretary / President-Elect



Nicholas Evans

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