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2020 NAPA West Symposium CME Online

Good evening,
All NAPA symposium videos have been edited and uploaded to the NAPA website. This includes PA SL brief, Detailer brief, USNR brief, Senior PA Panel discussion, AAPA House of Delegates update, 2020 NAPA Awards, Fellowship/APA updates and CME lectures.
Please log on to to view and get up to 10 AAPA CAT 1 CMEs. Go to Members->2020 Symposium Presentations. This includes video and PDFs of lectures.
Reminder that all Fellow/Affiliate memberships are $30, and include access to these CMES and more resources.
New paying members get a free coin with initial membership.
Please encourage PA students and Aspiring PAs to join. Their membership is free and they have access to every thing online.
Thank you to LCDR Doucette for getting all of the videos, briefs and CMEs online for us.


Carolan Whitney

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