President’s Message


Greetings and Goodwill NAPA,

Welcome to the NAPA website. Our purpose here is to:

  • Provide you with information to help you achieve your goals as a PA,
  • Help you gain CMEs in line with the new NCCPA requirements,
  • Help you become more knowledgeable regarding the current changes in the laws affecting PAs,
  • Connect you with a body of Navy PAs interested in paving the way for our future Navy PAs to follow.

I would like to thank our 2014-2016 Board of Directors under the leadership of Kerri Browne (2014-15), and Kishla Askins (2015-16) for the wonderful work they have done as Presidents to promulgate the mission of our NAPA organization. These past two years have been very exciting for our Navy PA community. During this time, NAPA

  • Hosted a West Coast and an East Coast Symposium
  • Held NAPA board meetings at the 2015 and 2016 AAPA Conferences
  • Our active duty community leadership shared information about the addition of the Aviation Medicine and General Surgery fellowships.

The amazing news regarding the General Surgery Fellowship is another step in the positive direction in order to place PAs at the tip of the spear of Navy Medicine. We must not let this momentum stop and we must continue to join in collaborative efforts to help our community succeed as a whole.

As President, my goal over this year is to foster a greater NAPA relationship with the Active Duty and Reserve PA Specialty Leaders in order to align our PA Community more closely with the values of AAPA to promote “Leadership and Service, Unity and Teamwork, Accountability and Transparency, and Excellence and Equity.” By working together, we will be able to assist all Navy PAs foster excellence in every environment where they serve, optimize our ability to practice by meeting our CME Process Improvement (PI) and Self-Assessment (SA) goals, and increase membership of our organization by showcasing the value added by being an active member of NAPA.

Our Board of Directors is working diligently to present consistent communication to the NAPA Community, to provide CME Opportunities throughout the year, and to network with our PAs across the globe to tap into our untouched potential. If you are ready to help us achieve our mission, please join our team and let’s move our ship forward.

You are again welcome to the NAPA website, and I hope you find the information presented useful in your quest to become a better Navy PA. I would like to request that you take some time to think about what it is that you would like NAPA to represent and accomplish. Please provide feedback to us and assist NAPA in our efforts to leave a legacy of transformative leadership for the Navy PA community.

Very Respectfully,
Clifton D. Butler, MBA, MPAS, PA-C
2016-2017 NAPA President


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