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2020-2022 NAPA Board of Directors

  • President: Brooke Dorsey
  • President Elect: Carolan Whitney
  • Vice-President: Shelly Satizabal
  • Immediate Past President: Brittany Hout
  • Secretary: Nicholas Evans
  • Treasurer: Charlene Pizzimenti
  • Active Duty Director-at-Large: Dan Miles and Travis Baisden
  • Reserve Director: Amanda Lanham
  • Retired Director: Kerri Browne
  • AAPA / HOD / Legislative Affairs: Amy Olson
  • HOD Representatives: Lindsay Jensen and Mike Sourivanh
  • Student Director: Kevin Stearns
  • Awards Chair: Shelly Satizabal
  • Webmaster: Ari Doucette
  • CME Chair: Dale Wilson




NAPA Regional Boards of Directors

NAPA East:

  • President: Wilt Chemell
  • Vice-President: Amanda Chicoine
  • Secretary: Vance Baughman

NAPA West:

  • President: Keegan Fees
  • Vice-President: Allie Fischer
  • Secretary: Kaiti Walter




NAPA Mailing Address (treasurer)

  • 2528 Townfield Ln
    Virginia Beach, VA 23454