Members: remember to nominate your peers for NAPA Awards by 01 April 2019 for them to be considered. Please see our awards page here for more information.

2018-2019 NAPA Board of Directors

  • President: Michelle Miller
  • President-Elect: Benjamin Mattox
  • Vice-President: Jason Ehrhart
  • Immediate Past President: Stephen Rogers
  • Secretary: Carolan Whitney
  • Treasurer: Eduardo "Eddie" Linares
  • Active Duty Director-at-Large: Robert “Bobby” Pillitiere
  • Active Duty Director-at-Large: VACANT
  • Reserve Director: Anthony LaCourse
  • Retired Director: Mickey Deavers
  • NAPA/AAPA HOD Delegate: Tawanda Cade
  • Student Director: Josh Johansen
  • Awards Chair: Jason Ehrhart
  • Webmaster: Ari Doucette
  • CME Chair: Benjamin Mattox
  • Legislative Affairs: Tawanda Cade



NAPA Regional Boards of Directors

NAPA East:

  • President: LTJG Damico Hill
  • Vice-President: LT Carolan Whitney
  • Secretary: LT Bruce Burke

NAPA West:

  • President: LT Jeff Osborn
  • Vice-President: LT Tawanda Cade
  • Secretary: LT Michelle Lea



NAPA Mailing Address (treasurer)

  • 1645 Paseo Corvus, Unit #4
    Chula Vista, CA 91915