NAPA is a world-wide organization representing Navy Physician Assistants

The Naval Association of Physician Assistants was founded in 1976 as a constituent organization of the American Academy of Physician Assistants (AAPA). NAPA represents and promotes the interests of Navy PAs.


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  • For career maintenance and development, look here first

    • Much of what is required of Navy PAs to maintain and to grow their careers has been treated previously in documents and presentations which are available in our "document downloads" archives.
    • Career management and FITREP info is available here (for logged in users):
    • Pay special attention to the "Officer Record Management" and "Board Prep" briefs
  • CAPT Joel Schofer's blog is another valuable resource

    • He is a Navy physician (Medical Corps) and involved with the Emergency Medicine specialty. His "Promotion Prep" section is especially useful for naval officers (the information is translatable to PAs)
  • MSC Brief from 2019 NAPA Symposium

  • NCCPA Certification Exam

    • Check out the BUMED INS 1500.18C regarding funding support for your NCCPA PANCE and PANRE examinations! BUMED INST 1500 18C.pdf
  • FY15 Staff Corps Community Brief

  • MSC Promotion Planning Presentation

  • Detailing Brief

    • This provides you with an understanding of the detailing process. Click here
  • Navy MSC Selection Board

  • Navy PA Roadmap to Success

    • A Naval Officer's journey as a PA can be complex, exciting and daunting all at once. The following matrix provides a general overview pairing years of service with activities such as promotion, education, Naval compentency and preferred duty stations. Navy PA Roadmap
  • Medical Service Corps (MSC) Seabag

    • As a Navy PA, you are commissioned as a MSC Officer. Learn more about the MSC and your role as a Naval Officer by checking out the MSC Seabag. MSC Seabag
  • Navy Fitness Reports (FITREPS)

    • The Navy Fitness Report is a rating form used to document the workload, performance level, leadership, initiative as well as other factors for Navy PAs. This document is part of every Navy PA's Officer Service Record -- an accurate and substantive FITREP is a VERY important factor in promoting Navy PAs.
    • To learn more, visit
  • Additional Qualification Designators (AQDs) for Navy PAs

    • Another important consideration in promotions, AQDs reflect completion of requirements qualifying Navy Officers in a specific warfare area or other specialization. To view a list of the more common AQDs for Navy PAs, select AQD Assignments.
  • Officer Record Management

    • It is the responsibility of each Navy PA to review and correct their own Officer Service Record to ensure it is accurate and complete. Accurate and up-to-date records help get you promoted. This info sheet explains how Navy PAs can manage their personnel records. Officer Record Management Brief (link should be most recent. Or use this local copy if unavailable)
  • Navy Medicine Professional Development Center Courses

  • Need CME?